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History Speaks

History Speaks at the Village


Kimberly Kenyon, Queen Anne's Revenge Conservator, spoke to about 50 visitors on March 25th...


History Speaks at the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum in Greenville, NC.  The speaker was Kimberly Kenyon, a conservator of the QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE, Blackbeard’s flagship. The Revenge and her artifacts are being conserved and preserved in the Maritime Conservation Laboratory based at East Carolina University.  




Their latest conservation discovery is written pages found in a cannon’s  breech from 300 years ago found under water!  

In January 2018, sixteen fragments of paper were identified after being recovered from sludge inside a cannon. The scraps were from a copy of a book by Captain Edward Cooke. It is likely the pages were torn from the book and used as wadding in that cannon.

The sunken pirate ship had 30 cannon on it of several sizes.