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History Speaks

History Speaks at the Village


Dr. John A. Tucker, ECU History Professor, spoke September 14th about "The Historical Visit of Presidential Candidate John F. Kennedy to Greenville, NC".


Dr. John Tucker's program was well researched and presented with a selection of local Greenville images from Sept 17, 1960 which was 57 years ago! Dr. Tucker gave us an in depth historical talk on John F. Kennedy's 1960 Presidential Campaign visit to Greenville from the time he landed until when he flew out from Asheville, NC. Our guests found themselves looking for friends, family and dignitaries that they knew in the crowd images. Dr. Tucker gave us a minute by minute account of the motorcade route including everything JFK saw and did. This was before Flicken Stadium had been built and Dr. Tucker told us of JFK's Tobacco Auction visit and his speech at the East Carolina College Stadium. This was a very significant historical event for Greenville and Pitt County as it made the National TV & Newspapers. It showed the nation that Greenville and East Carolina College could plan & put on a national event.